Package: An interface to the micro-typographic features of pdfTeX.

Id: microtype
Description: The package provides a LaTeX interface to pdfTeX's micro- typographic extensions: character protrusion and font expansion. The package also offers a lua interface to the corresponding features of LuaTeX. The package allows you to restrict character protrusion and/or font expansion to a certain set of fonts, or to certain parts of the document (for example, based on selected language), and to configure micro- typographic aspects of the fonts in a straight-forward and flexible way. Settings for various fonts are provided. The bundle also provides a letterspace package; this improves on the alternatives (letterspacing and soul), and also provides a means of protecting ligatures--notably those in fraktur fonts. Note: Font expansion and character protrusion only work with pdfTeX and LuaTeX. For pdfTeX, at least version 0.14f is required; version 1.20a is needed for automatic font expansion. With pdfTeX version 1.30, a command is provided for suppressing ligatures.
Package maintainer: Robert
Type: Macro package
License: LaTeX Project
Version: 2.5 (beta-08)
Revision: 16698
Date: 14-3-2013 17:41
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