Package: Create normal/logarithmic plots in two and three dimensions.

Id: pgfplots
Description: PGFPlots draws high-quality function plots in normal or logarithmic scaling with a user-friendly interface directly in TeX. The user supplies axis labels, legend entries and the plot coordinates for one or more plots and PGFPlots applies axis scaling, computes any logarithms and axis ticks and draws the plots, supporting line plots, scatter plots, piecewise constant plots, bar plots, area plots, mesh-- and surface plots and some more. Pgfplots is based on PGF/TikZ (pgf); it runs equally for LaTeX/TeX/ConTeXt.
Package maintainer: Christian Feuersaenger
Type: Macro package
License: GNU General Public License (any version)
Version: 1.4.1-825-gbb4f857 (unstable)
Revision: 19842
Date: 6-8-2011 23:57
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