TLContrib Future plans

Website frontend

Package and release input forms

  • Use javascript to improve the web forms (automatically deselecting radiobuttons, in particular).
  • Contextual help for fill-in forms (popup or acronym).
  • Internal: see if bad temporary records can be removed earlier than during the nightly cron cleanup.
  • Send email based on TL update reports (outdated packages).
  • Display executable state of uploaded source files.

Other improvements

  • Allow deletion of package releases via multi-select in the package list.
  • As the package list grows, a search facility will become useful.
  • Add more (internal) information to the package view for maintainers.
  • Allow hiding of older releases and/or split package versions off to a separate view.
  • Add a contact form to the website.
  • Support context minimals modules (non-tl).
  • Add website support for commenting on published packages.